Cain has a younger brother, Abel. Now Abel seems to be the favorite of their parents. But something takes place that makes Cain think God is also playing favorites. Cain is mad. God asked him directly why he is mad. God tells him that it doesn’t have to be this way. But Cain shrugs this off focusing on his brother as the source of his problems. He decides to get rid of him. He invents murder. Can you believe this? The first two men, brothers, and one decides to kill the other!


He does kill him. Now things are better. Hardly. Cain has lost any natural love he had for his brother. His parents feelings have become unimportant to him. He fears being killed. Someone might invent revenge! He takes his wife and begins to wander. He keeps moving from place to place. Eventually, he establishes a home where he keeps his family close around him.



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