To Scott

Here is my idea. I’m not sure how much total space there is in the Yellow Barn. I think there are at least two rooms of some size upstairs.

The idea is that we accommodate as many as possible in the space available. The upstairs rooms could be like overflow space. The people would need to hear what is going on downstairs and probably see as well.

Maybe all who come cannot fit. Some could stay in their cars and tune in on their phones.

The idea is that they all share, in some way, in the live experience of Monday night. I know the tech part might be tricky but I’ve seen these things done before. Maybe a camera on each group can show a glimpse of them in the main room downstairs.

Would the experience be perfect? No. But it would be shared.

People would have their choice about how close they would be to others. And each group would see some others reacting in real time. Even those in cars would see that others in the parking lot are also experiencing the same as them.

Also we could create as much space as possible in the downstairs overflowing into the room to the right and near the doors removing anything that blocks people’s views. Maybe the risers could be taken down although I’m not sure that would help.

Well, that’s my idea. I have read the existing Michigan rules and they prohibit any reprisals against owners of houses of worship or worshippers. So even if the guidelines seem to indicate you can’t do it, their own rules say they can’t stop you from exercising your freedom to worship in Michigan.

From Lee