A Book of Action Heroes

I didn’t realize it before but the Bible is an action hero adventure.  The actions of these first people affect everything after that. 


First Hero

The first action hero is God. He creates everything. This is a lot of action. So much action that he actually rests on the seventh day. Rests from creating at least.


First Ones

The story of the first two humans involves a choice. The choice they make influences everything after that. But remember it was a choice between two, not just yes or no.


Two Trees

It was a choice of either this or that. This was the Tree of Life. That was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Eating from that second tree would be bad for them and God gave them the strongest warning possible. You will surely die, he told them.


Adam made a choice to go with bad advice. He gave up a good relationship with God. He was a partner with God and king of the earth. But he traded all that for morality. He wanted to know, by himself, what was good and what was bad. He may be the first flawed hero.


The next hero is Abel. He was the favorite of all. But his brother did not care for that. He decided to kill him. Yes, Cain murdered his brother. He then fled to another area to live.


Now we come to Seth. He was another son of Adam. It says people began to call on God at that time. It still didn’t get very personal. Several generations pass. Now we come to Enoch. Enoch may have a very short biography but he deserves his own chapter.