Jesus is at the grave of Lazarus. Mary and Martha have red eyes and have run out of tears. Others are there because Lazarus was well know and loved by many.

Someone says as the see Jesus weeping, “Behold, how he loved him.”

Yes, Jesus weeps for his friend. He died four days ago. His sisters have been miserable. They threw our a life line to Jesus but Jesus arrives too late. They don’t understand it.

Jesus stops. This is all wrong. A young man, too young to die, is in the grave in front of him. The suffering of his friends, his closest friends is his too. The whole human experience of sadness and sorrow are his in that moment.

He said, “I am the resurrection!” moments ago. His face becomes firm. “Take away the stone!” he says hoarsely. The world is turning upside-down. They remove the stone. Lazarus! Come out here!

A dead man wrapped like a mummy hops and stumbles out. No one moves. No one breathes. “Set him free from the binding of death.” Those clothes no longer suit him. He is alive.

Jesus knows what he has done. He has signed his death warrant. The news travels through Jerusalem. Jesus shows up soon after in the capitol and teaches daily in the temple.

They hated him without a cause.