Mother Nature Waits

There are times when we sense there is something behind nature. The term Mother Nature becomes a good expression for the feeling we hold for that moment. But other aspects remind us that nature can be cruel.

But what if it is not nature that wants to be cruel? What if nature desires to mother us? Sadly, she is held back. By what? When did nature begin to change?

There was a time described where animal and tree were at peace with humans. This was when a man named the animals as they came before him and received their name. Trees were glad to produce their fruit to be eaten by humans. How long did this last? Long enough to sink deeply into the soul of man.

After man and woman made their choice to live apart from God (a sad day, indeed), nature began to change. The earth produced weeds and the roses grew thorns. The animals also began to change until they were violent towards men. They had no fear of men at that time.

It says all were corrupted, both man and beast. There are no details given. But a new beginning took place where a few people and select animals were saved in a boat, an ark. The earth has maybe one hundred years to go as Noah and sons build this massive boat.

Everyone knew of this crazed endeavor of Noah. No one believed the boat would be needed. But Noah was inside when it started to rain like it never had before. Both men and beasts were washed from the land.

We don’t know when this took place. Five thousand years ago? Fifty thousand? No one knows. But nature was restrained somewhat after this in that wild animals avoided men. But the basic conflict between men and nature remained. Cultivating land was still work.

So nature did not turn evil. Man took independence from God and was divorced from nature. Then nature became like the man, undirected. It resisted the work of men, yes, but eventually complied and grew the needed food.

Nature waits for men to become what they were supposed to be. That day will come when harmony between nature and people is restored but only to the children of God.

Romans 8:19, “For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God.”