You have heard it said, “Here is a secret I learned,” or “The secret is…”. There are secret societies. There are secret codes. But I tell you that God has no secrets that he wants to keep.


Do you think God has some dark secrets he is keeping from us? He does not. There is no darkness in him to keep them. His place is light with no darkness at all. He wants to reveal all to us. But we may become blinded by that great light.


God is the revealer of secrets not the keeper of them. It is written, ‘In the fullness of time, God sent his son.’ Was the son of God a secret? No, he had been revealing him since the beginning. Adam talked to him. Enoch walked with him. Abram ate with him.


God wanted to reveal his nature through his son. This close interaction with men began as soon as possible. God revealed as much as he could now that men understood sacrifice and sin. Jesus showed that God wanted to bless people as he did from the beginning.


He did not judge but showed kindness to all. He came as a teacher. He called disciples. Men understood this practice. At the end, he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” This is God’s greatest gift. To impart his goodness deep within us. This will change us only if we are willing. He empowers us to do good as he does.


God wants to reveal all secrets to his children. There is nothing he wants to hide. But we must let the Spirit produce fruit in us. As we let the Spirit work, we will learn more and more of him. We will learn Jesus. All things have been given to him. Living as he did, and does even now, we share all that he has.


God wants to give us much but our hands are too small. You would not make a child carry something too heavy. And our hands must be holy or they will burn at the touch of his wealth. Now, holiness really means that our hands must be empty of other things to handle the gifts of God.


How can we begin? God is rich in mercy. Empty your hands of judgement and show mercy. Don’t carry about a hard heart but show kindness. Now we are handling God’s riches. Do you think he won’t help us? And as we give out, we are refilled. To him that has, more will be given. Give that which you have and you make room for more. And make it a point to forgive. This makes room for God’s forgiveness to pour into us.



Can you prove God?


First, we must realize that God needs no proof. God is God and was God and will be God. He is not worried about his reputation and he knows a lot of lies have been spread about him. Sometimes, by well-meaning people.


Second, everything proves God. All that exists proves God and needs no voice added to prove God exists.


Third, man proves God. Just be existing, you and I prove God. We are self-conscious beings with a moral sense. More than that, we have a sense of the ideal and appreciate beauty.


Fourth, we prove God in that we desire something more than we have. We believe in something more than we see. We have a sense of wonder. This tells us that we have, at the least, a spiritual potential.


Have you ever wanted to change yourself? I don’t mean change your habits. That may improve something but it does not really change you.

Some tell us, “Just be yourself.” This sounds great until we look at ourselves more closely. Maybe we hate. So “be yourself” means hate some people. Or we are jealous. Then “be yourself” means you should envy other people and want what they have!

Oh, that doesn’t sound quite so good. Let’s try, “Be your best self.” Use all your abilities to be a great human being. Overcome all bad inclinations by being good all the time. Well, now we are finished. We have a simple plan: be good.


Have you tried it? Have you tried being good all the time? To really do this, you need a flow of goodness inside you. You need to have goodness filling you up so much, it has to escape in good behavior. You need your very being to be good. And this goodness must be self-sustaining and internally generated by you. Otherwise, being good is going to be a lot of work. You need to be so good, doing good comes naturally.

On top of this, you will be misunderstood at times and must meet adverse reactions with patience. And some won’t appreciate you at times and you will again have to draw on your inner goodness to go happily on when ignored or even criticized. We are all set now. Ready? Go!

You can stop reading here.


You didn’t stop. Maybe we need a different philosophy entirely. What about , “Enjoy Yourself?” That sounds good. Just enjoy yourself. Self. Hmmm. That seems to be the problem sometimes. Our self can be really selfish. In fact, if we think about it, many of our problems come from our selfish self. Our self-consciousness is a little too self-conscious. Our conscience is a little too moral to suit us. Can we truly just enjoy our self?

Imagine it’s just you, alone. Time stops and you don’t need anything. It’s just you and no one else. Can you enjoy yourself?

You know, that is a weird thing about self-consciousness. We seem to be two people. There is an internal conflict of some sort. One part says, “I want to do this.” Another part says, “You better not.” The first part says, “Why not?” The second says, “It’s not right,” or “You will get in trouble,” or “That is unwise because the result may be bad.” 

Now the conscience can be shouted down. “Great, it seems to have gone. Who needs a conscience anyway.” Silenced, it may be, but gone? Not a chance. Like someone you owe money, it shows up at the worst time. And to keep it under control, You have to be more and more selfish. Your iron grip becomes: Me First at all times. 

But the conscience will not compromise with you. It will be silent, sure, but it won’t approve. It won’t call bad, good. Again, imagine that forever with a conscience that says, “I told you so.”

Now, try and enjoy yourself. Which self? The moral one or the other me? Wait, we are both together. This is what self-consciousness means. And to be free from morality means to slowly spiral down into becoming your worst self.

Yes, given enough time, you would become the worst. But you don’t get that much time. And look how bad some people get in that 70 years or so. Imagine them having 700 years to continue their bad behavior.

You know, your choice here on earth is to become really good or really bad. Hard to believe? We have explored two ideas: “Be your best self,” and “Enjoy yourself.” C’mon, there must be a middle ground, you say. No, I’m afraid not. It’s gotta be this or that.

Whether you believe it or not, you are a created being. Ask your parents. Ask them if they thought you up and created you. You certainly didn’t create your own body. You’d remember doing that.

If you find this kind of talk boring, then fine, forget all about it. You evolved. You became a sentient being by accident. It all just happened. Earth is just full of life and air and water and just the right distance from that star we call our sun by accident. And all this means that all this means whatever you want it to mean.

But somehow, we have become detached from the source of all this life. Something is missing. We need something more!

Can you be reconnected? Well, you may be closer than you think. If you’re unsatisfied with yourself, there is good news. Your awareness or admission is the first step. Now the second step is called “a leap” by some, usually because they never took it. It is not a leap at all. It is like going home to where you really live.

It’s like finding out you were adopted but you have a real birth family as well.

We don’t know God very well so he wanted to clear up all the wrong stuff about him by sending the one guy who knows him best, his son.

Yeah, him. Jesus answers all the tough questions about life. What is the ideal person like? Can we live without God? How do you keep going in the face of rejection? Where does the power to be good come from? And, ready? What does an unselfish person look like?

And he says two things:
Believe God sent me.
Follow me.

That’s it. To connect with God, we say, “I’m wrong and you’re right.” But then he begins to transform our wrongness into rightness. Are you willing to trade selfishness for selflessness? Your true self will be delighted in this. In fact, you can only really find yourself by losing your selfish self. Then you begin to become your best self, your true self.