By What Power?

The things we do every day, we do by the power of God. The power we have to live and do stuff is not from ourselves. Did you design your body? Maybe your parents did. Ask them. The first woman said at the birth of her son, “I have gotten a man from the Lord.” This was the first birth of a human. The first humans were so well made, they lived for hundreds of years.

We have power to live, but we do not make that power.

It is hard to believe. But so is anything else. Why would someone create men and then not demand gratitude, at the least? Maybe he thinks, ‘They know they didn’t make themselves. Maybe they will wonder who did? Maybe they will try and find out.’ If God made man and he doesn’t demand obedience, that tells us something about him. We can live without ever acknowledging him. Free will?

Why is man creative? Why is he not satisfied? Why does he think there is more to life? These thoughts should not be. We value independence in America. But down deep, we know that we are not independent. We are very dependent. On air, on water, on warmth, on food and much more. We are like a computer that is marvelously made. It works until the battery runs out. But our computer tells us, “You need to plug me in. Then I won’t die. I’ll keep going.” It is that smart.

If you look on the bottom, it says, “Are you sure you want to open me? Maybe you need a professional.” The new ones don’t give you a choice. It doesn’t open. This is a jump, I know, but didn’t Jesus show himself uniquely qualified when he didn’t open people up but fixed something anyway. No, that arm is all wrong, it should work like this. This guy is not supposed to be like this. Wow. He is normal now. He is ordinary. Except he wasn’t a few minutes ago.

I had a surgeon once that fixed something that had gone wrong with me. He told me, “I just put the pieces near each other, God does the healing.”

What if we said, “I know I’m wonderful. But something is wrong with me. I can’t do things the way I would like. Can you make an adjustment? Can you fix me?”

And let’s talk about love. Yes. love. Why does it go wrong so often? Maybe we started on Chapter Four, like Star Wars did. We left out some stuff. Maybe we should go back and find out what we missed.

Somebody made you. And you can love. That means he can love better than you. We haven’t yet figured out everything. Somebody is wise. More wise than us. And we can be good sometimes. Someone is good all the time. Like Jesus said, “Why call me good? No one is good, except God.

Let’s practice loving. Let’s take an easy one. Let’s love the best person ever: God. Then we can work on loving those that are less perfect.


How Else Would God Reveal Himself?

The Lord who had made the Universe — how should he show it but as the Healer did? He could not make the universe over again in the eyes of every man. 


He must reveal himself as the God who set things, things that had gone wrong, right again. Now that could be done in the eyes of each person. Wouldn’t this reveal that God was here with us? Here we see him giving relief to the young son of a man who had given up on a cure. Now, the man has seen him heal his son from a distance. 


No one saw it happen. It was not for show. What moved the man to faith? His love for his son. He who loves can believe what he who loves not, cannot believe; and he who loves most, can believe the most. The man returned home and was told that the boy got better at a certain time. Only this man knew that this was the exact time Jesus told him his son would live. 


This is about a God who is not limited. He is not afar off. He may be unseen but is not uncaring. There is no distance with God, though it looks like it to us. When Jesus cured like this, it has the same appearance as God’s ordinary healing. Who heals you? My body heals itself, you might say. But why should it? 


Now think of the son. He is told how he was healed by the word of Jesus. He never met him. But his father is a reliable fellow and tells him how God did this. How is that different than if someone tells us how God did this or that for them? Or how God changed everything in their life with a word. We have been healed many times. You looked down some time later and your injury was healed. 


Just because the sun rises each day is no reason to think it’s not marvelous. We have been personally gifted by God. We received the gift of sight just like the man born blind. We just forgot. Are the eyes that see everyday less wonderful than the ones that opened on the world for that man who had never seen anything? Eyes are wonderful at any time. 


And the God who gave us all gifts wants to give us more. Every good gift is from God whenever we receive it. We know there are things wrong in this world. And Jesus put things right as he found them wrong. But he didn’t force anything on anyone. If you think all is well with you, forget about God. You don’t need him. But the one that finds wrongness in this world sees something. The one that finds wrongness in themselves sees even more. And that person needs the Healer. They need something put right.