To Scott

Looking Back

Imagine yourself in the future – one hundred years from now. Yes, you are dead. But you still exist. Who are you now? Really, your soul cannot be destroyed. You, in some form, will continue to exist. Do you know people were not meant to die? Death was an add on. All the self-aware creatures […]

Finding the Hidden Manna

The mysterious box called the Ark of the Covenant held several items. One was a bowl of manna. In Revelations, we find Jesus referring to the Hidden Manna. He says he will give you some of the hidden manna. My question is this: how is it hidden? The Ark was a strange box that was […]

The Hidden Manna

In Revelations 2, Jesus, yes, Jesus says than we will be given some of the hidden manna. The reference is to a bowl of manna inside the Ark of the Covenant. There were other items there as well. The question I have is how is it hidden? This food was given by God. It was […]

Out of Time

How many close friends do you have? I have trouble sitting at a table with three others and balancing my interest in the various viewpoints. I’m glad God is not like this at all. He can maintain an unlimited number of personal intimate relationships at the same time. And why is this? Because they are […]

Blast from the Past

In 1969, a movement that was later called The Jesus Movement, began in several places in obscurity. One place was Detroit where a fellow and his wife felt they should go and do what God was leading. In Detroit, with it’s mild summer, hippies were hanging out at a local park. The guy who came […]


Jesus is at the grave of Lazarus. Mary and Martha have red eyes and have run out of tears. Others are there because Lazarus was well know and loved by many. Someone says as the see Jesus weeping, “Behold, how he loved him.” Yes, Jesus weeps for his friend. He died four days ago. His […]

The Eternal State

The eternal state is independent of time. It existed before time. It is not ‘forever’. That would merely be an extension of time. Time has a beginning and an end. The eternal state was unaffected by time. It did not stop when time began. It will not start when time ends. It has nothing to […]

First Fears

In the beginning, Adam and Eve had no fear at all. But fear became part of the human experience. Just what fears entered their lives? Their first fear came with their discovery of their naked condition but just what were they afraid of? It doesn’t appear to be danger of being injured. It rather seems […]


We look among the faded tatters for glory. But why does the true glory escape us? We know a human life could be glorious yet why do we always discover a fatal flaw? So we idealize. We build pedestals and place something high. But we know it is our imagination. Why the idol? Why this […]

Beyond Good and Evil

We had a chance to choose between two. One was ‘knowing good and evil’. But it was difficult to choose good over evil. Cain, the firstborn, did not do so. More and more bad choices made for a world full of people who dealt with disputes violently. Now ask why a flood washed the earth […]

Your dedication and patience can be easily seen. Your dear wife, too. I wonder what her impression was of the comments made to me by one of your regular attendees. What was the most hurtful was that a flippant fashion statement had premeditation and evil beginnings. I spent a year very close to the fashion business and it has made me aware of choices made in apparel.

More to the point is that a small group should be small. Your Tuesday evening group has become rather large. Since I am a Johnny-come-lately, I think I should not add myself to your group. There seems to be others that need to attend more than me.

I am heartily in support of you and Dee. Another thing is that I have not spoken to anyone about what happened after the meeting two weeks ago and I do not intend to mention it to anyone.

From Lee

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