To Robbie

If you think about it, at least a dozen people know you are divorced. More know you broke up with someone recently. Matthew, in the NT, says there were two blind men healed. Others say one. It was wrong of me to add information but a number of people know those facts. That you have a problem trusting women was a conclusion I made, not a fact.

That can be seen.

Did I expose you to others? Yes, and I am sorry for that.

My thing is that I can only focus on one person at a time. When I am talking to someone, all others disappear in my mind. This has got me in trouble several times.

I don’t think about groups of people. I never have. I can only think that people in a group have individual relationships with each other. This is accentuated because I am American with our emphasis on the individual over the group.

My mind works in a step by step logical fashion. This served me well as a programmer. God influences me but rarely overrides my mental process. On Friday morning at 6 AM, I only saw one person, Tomas. I write this so you may understand.