Mother Teresa 4

Thoughts of a woman who knew God because she did what Jesus said.

Love in Action

Christ wants to offer us the means of putting our love for him into action. He becomes hungry, not only for bread but for love. He becomes naked, not only for a piece of clothing but for love that understands, for human dignity. He becomes dispossessed, not only for a place of shelter but for the sincere and deep love for one another.

Simplest Way

The simplest way of becoming light (in this world) is by being kind and loving, thoughtful, and sincere with each other: “By this they will know that you are my disciples.”


All of us have been given the opportunity to be completely possessed by Jesus. The work he has entrusted to you and me is nothing more than putting our love for him into action. What you do, I cannot do. What I do, you cannot do. But together you and I can do something beautiful for God.



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