The Line

We sat on a bunker and watched him come in

Hanging from a chopper on a line that was thin.

Just one lone marine that was left from the fight.

The rest of his team had been swallowed by night.

Yes, deep in the jungle they had hit a main force.

They had known if that happened, what would be their course.

Just as soon as it happened, they radioed fast

But with the fire fight building they knew “We can’t last.”

With their smoke they had signaled, so they fought as they could.

They were losing ground quickly, had their smoke done its good?

Then they heard it above them, the choppers had come.

But two of the four would no longer see the sun.

The choppers were blazing, the fight would be won

But the third man was down, and his battle-days done.

The choppers kept firing as the enemy ran,

And a line then was dropped for that one lonely man.

He was wounded and hurting, but that line he held tight

For that line alone, would take him from that sight.

The rope burns didn’t matter nor the tearing of flesh.

He was holding that “life line,” as if it was his breath.

O that man on that chopper, that one lone marine.

He will speak of that “life line,” with fire it seems.

And the reason is simple I’m sure you can see.

I can still hear him saying, “It saved me…saved me.”

Our Lord like that lifeline that was dropped from the sky

Came willingly down and he knew he would die.

And the pain and the sorrow didn’t matter you see

Cause he knew if he did it, he could save you and me.

We’ve been given a “life line” in this life’s battle zone,

And if you grab onto it, it will carry you home.

We won’t have all the answers this side of the grave,

But one day we will, from the one who can save.

Yes, one thing I will tell you, our “life line” is here,

And even in this place,  he’ll sweeten your tears.

This life here is passing, it’s passing so fast

Please…grab onto this “life line” before it goes past.

Written by Tom Brown, a marine who spent time in the worst of the Vietnam War.


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