Love is the Path

Hey, we all want to find love but where are we looking? I mean, are we on the right path to finding love? Let’s face it, we are all looking for a great lover! But what if, think about it, rather than trying to find a lover, we become a great lover ourself? Then someone would be looking for us.


Now, let’s see, what would that look like? We should choose a good example to follow. We should choose the best example, if possible. There was this guy who actually set himself as the model for loving others. He said, “Love each other like I have loved you.”


Now we have an example of someone who really loved others. Jesus. Did I lose you? This is big. Bigger than romantic love. This is about you becoming a loving person. Seriously. So, what was his secret? I mean, how did he do it?


Maybe Jesus is like a magician. He doesn’t reveal his secret. Maybe we must study for many years to reach his level of loving. No, he came to reveal secrets and make clear what may have been hidden. He doesn’t keep it a secret at all.


What’s the first thing Jesus does? He goes to see his cousin, John the Baptizer. And something big happens at his baptism. He is dramatically filled with the Spirit of God. Next. He is tested. He goes out in the desert and faces the devil himself. One on one. Except Jesus hasn’t eaten for many days.


Now he may be the Son of God, but he has put himself in the place of a man. He keeps calling himself the Son of Man. And he keeps all the sayings God gave to humans. He lives out the best life right before the eyes of his contemporaries. He loves God and calls him his Father. And he loves the people he meets. Yes, some of his actions are miracles, sure. But he just likes being with people. He especially likes those who are ignored or even despised by others, like tax collectors and prostitutes.


So Jesus gets help from The Spirit of God. Can we do that? Yes, we can. Jesus said you need the Spirit in you. And he holds up under testing. Can we do that? It seems so. Ordinary guys who followed Jesus held fast to their faith under extreme pressure. The key seems to be that they really loved this guy. They believed him, sure. But what kept them going was that they loved the guy who kept going even in the face of death. And he came back from death and convinced them he had conquered death.


So, back to our question: What if Love is our path? Not the end of the path. No, the path itself. Love is living like Jesus. And if we want to know more about how love acts, we can read 1 Corinthians 13. And after we read it, and we know the characteristics of love, we can make it our To Do List.

I Corinthians 13

Love Believes All Things


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