Where do you stand?

In the East, the dragon is much different than in the West. But more than the differences in dragons, is the difference in where people stand. In the West, the knight faces the evil dragon, an enemy of mankind. But in the East, the dragon is a strong protector of the people. So people are behind the dragon who faces their enemies.


Where you stand is very important. Whether the dragon is good or evil is not our subject. But where we stand in relation to the powerful may be important. People who believe in God usually think he is powerful. They are always saying how he should do powerful stuff. Like he’s not doing his job correctly. They say things to help him do better at his job of being God. So, if God exists and is powerful, we should try to get on his good side.


But does God have a good side? Many people think he does not. Think of the sun. Does it have a good side? Does it have a bad side? Does it have any sides? God, like the sun, has no sides. One side is the same as the other. But, as with the sun, exposure may cause problems. It was said long ago that no one could see God and live.

If we got too close to the sun, we would die. Does that make the sun bad? I don’t think so. Do you?

Now, what if? What if a good God made a place for humans to be that was safe for them to live? Safe from being too close to God and too close to the sun.

Why would he do this? Since we are reasonable beings, we would think God reasonable, as well. What was his purpose?


Imagine a creative, reasonable God who creates people to live on this place near a forever blazing star, but not too near. He wants them to grow into something great. He loves freedom. He loves choice. If beings don’t have a choice, they are not free. He uses himself as the pattern for making these humans. Too much to believe? Maybe it is. But we are just imagining, right?

He makes himself available to them. But he is not overbearing. He hopes they will try and discover their benefactor.


He gives people a whole planet to live on with food to eat and air to breathe. They can live on this earth without much regard for him. But he has this idea about them. They have incredible potential. He interacts with some of them.

Three Men Connect with God


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