It's Gotta be This or That

The Holy Spirit filled Jesus at his baptism. This was a great sign to John the Baptizer. The gift of the Father is the greatest gift to man. But what exactly does God change in a person?


The Holy Spirit infuses life in the innermost part of a person. This is deeper than all the person has known. But let us look at some of the ways Jesus talks about the experience.

He says ‘eat my flesh’. We would call that gross.

You need to drink my blood. Now this is disgusting.

Wait a minute! I read the bible and drinking any blood is forbidden since Noah.

Why would Jesus use such vulgar language?


He also took off his clothes and washed his disciples feet. This is outrageous behavior at any time. Only a slave would do this. If you think the disciples were comfortable during this, you are wrong. Only Peter speaks up. Jesus tells him it must be done.

Why this embarrassing demonstration?


If you think you would not have been indignant listening to Jesus use the worst possible language and suggesting that someone drink any blood, let alone human blood, you are wrong.

Why would he do this? In what circumstances would you use strong language? Wouldn’t it have to be really important?


You must be born again. Not only is this impossible, says Nicodemus, but it is also gross. It is yucky.

Even if we try to soften it, no man can completely reinvent himself. But, with God, all things are possible.

Only God can reinvent you. And…only with your permission. And…only with your daily cooperation.


You breathe in the pure air of the Spirit.

Your food is the daily manna from God.

Your drink is the blood (or the life) of Christ.


Can you accept this?


The disciples answered, “Where will we go? You alone have the words of eternal life.” They were thinking about leaving, I can assure you.

Where will you go? There are a lot of paths. Maybe they end up badly but it may take a long time to find that out.


There are only two choices. It has to be this or that.



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