Two Things That Don't Exist

Did you know that ‘The Media’ does not exist. It’s just what we call a bunch of voices saying different things with various megaphones about various topics. The Media speaks to The People, which also does not exist. The People, is really a method for leveling people. The individual is supposed to see themselves as part of The People. This is to set aside your individuality and become part the nameless mass, The People.


Now The Media stands up for The People. If there is someone better than or worse than The People, The Media attacks them like a dog that tears his clothes, and bites his leg. This is amusing to watch but becomes boring if done too long. Yes, this is the method of leveling individuals. It condemns the individuality they show by distinguishing themselves from that indistinguishable mass, The People. Now, they can be doing something bad or good. As one of The People, you don’t want to be put in the spotlight like them. If they are doing good, they will at some point do something bad and then that can be shown by The Media. Really, their crime is doing something that distinguished them from The People and so they must be punished by The Media.


That The Media does not exist can be shown as any individual in it does not want to be spotlighted. “I don’t want to be part of the story!” they plead. When questioned, they say, “These are merely facts I am giving out.” They are selflessly serving The People and do not want to be questioned by anyone. By just questioning, the individual has stepped out of The People, which he has no right to do. And by questioning an individual as part of The Media, he has ruined the game. He is revealing the trick of the magician. He has identified an individual of The Media, who wants to slip back into the place where there is no individual responsibility for their words. We talk to you, The People, and you listen to us, The Media.


So The Media speaks to The People, filled with unreal individuals. It’s like another ghost called The State. Another group without names. Neither can ever be shown because they are not real. But you are to see yourself as part of The People or The State depending on your country.


The People is not a generation, it is not a community, it is not a society, it is not those particular people over there, because all these actually exist since they are real; however, no single individual who belongs to The People has any real existence; sometimes during the day he belongs to The People, namely, in those times in which he is listening to The Media.


In those times when he is a particular person, doing a particular thing, he does not belong to The People nor The State because he cannot. The People consists of such people, who as individuals are not important. And you, you are supposed to be a part of this imaginary thing. Why? So people at the top can do something for the good of The People. It may not be good for you but what does that matter? It’s for the general good and you must believe it is somehow for your general good. The Media will let you know what to think so just don’t worry about it.


Now, here is the worst part. You as an individual can be sacrificed for the good of The People. In fact, any individual can be eliminated or at least sidelined for the good of The People. But, of course, the ones who will benefit are the people in power. If you, an individual, are removed from The People, well, The People will go on fine without you. Now individuals who know you may be sad, but The People? The loss of one does not change anything. No individual is important. Only The People is important.


One final note. This is because people are so limited in their thinking. They cannot deal with very many individuals as such. They must group them in some way. But as soon as a group is named, anyone within that group become nobody. There are no real individuals, so to speak. But there is someone who is able to regard each individual as a particular person. This person is God. He is not limited as we are. He can consider you as an individual. He does consider you in this way. His attitude towards you is love. He wants your best. That means two things: he wants you to be the best person you can possibly be and he wants to do the best he can to help you become that best you. He does not see groups. He regards you as one of a kind. That kind is humankind which he modeled after himself. This means you and he can become related.


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