How to Know the Will of God

Do the will of God, and you will know God, and he will open your eyes to look into the very heart of knowledge. But if you go your own way, you may gain knowledge, but miss the truth.

How kind God is to offer healing to men who are sick. The disease is called sin. This is not a metaphor but a very real condition.

It is like you go to the doctor for a routine physical and hear him say, “There is a problem.”

“But  doctor, I have no symptoms.” 

“It may seem so, but have you experienced this or that?”

“Yes, but I was told everybody has experiences like that. It means nothing.”

“Not so,” he says, “It means this. We must address it and make you healthy or it will hurt you as time goes on.”



Yes, there are symptoms. They are all around us. We can call it normal life, but God says it is not what he intended for people. What we think is normal human experience is far from the possibilities God has for us.

He offers us the cure. But we must do two things. Acknowledge the condition and accept his cure.

That cure is simply this: do the will of God. Do what God says. This is how we humans went wrong a long time ago. We said to God, “Thanks for creating us but we can take it from here.”

We thought we would be fine but trouble soon came causing pain and suffering. Not just physical but deep emotional pain caused by loss and futility. Futility, in that we had no answer to the problems. Finally, we reach despair because we have no answers in ourselves.



This is the condition of people: there is something wrong with us and we don’t know what it is. And we have no way to fix it. Not in society and not in ourselves.


Try and be good. I am serious. See if you can become really good. Don’t accept any compromise with evil. Become that best person.

Don’t accept something like a dog as a cure for blindness. The dog is highly trained and will keep you safe as you walk around in your blind condition. No. Only accept sight as your cure. Don’t accept advice to help you get along. Don’t accept anything but real goodness in you that flows out naturally. Don’t calculate your behavior. Don’t seem to be good. Become that good person in reality.

If you can do it, you will become the answer for everyone else. You will become the first person in the world to have become good on your own with no help from God whatsoever.

Of course  you must maintain your goodness in all situations. Like when people don’t understand you or even resist your efforts. That’s the real test. You are good and they are ungrateful as you are doing good towards them. Patiently continue no matter what. 

Or you can turn to God for his help. It is up to you. Yes, use your own wisdom and power or find the cure offered by the one who made humans. He has revealed it through Jesus.



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