Friends Forever

Do you have a best friend. How did you meet? Maybe you don’t remember. Maybe you have ‘always been friends’. What if they are far away? Are you still friends? Of course, you are. Because friendship lives in another plane, another sphere.

If love is the ultimate relationship, then all kinds of love are important. Friendship is a common relationship but friends are more important than we think. Do you choose a friend or does someone choose you as their friend? Or is it beyond that?

Friendship is beyond us. It is beyond our understanding although it is not beyond our appreciation. Like all love, it is invisible yet powerful like gravity. You feel it but you don’t know what it is exactly.

You see, humans are different: they can love. And they have the possibility to love much. This mysterious ability takes place in another dimension. We are more than we appear to be. How is it we can love? It is because we are made for more. We are royalty who can’t easily find their way back.

Why? Our first parents were king and queen but gave up their thrones and became common folk. How? They fired their wise advisor and benefactor. “We can take it from here, sir.”

Their advisor said something like, “It won’t be like it was.” And it wasn’t. And it isn’t. But all is not lost. We must go forward rather than backward. There is a friendship that is higher. It is a friendship with God. We lost that friendship. But it wasn’t God who de-friended us. He wants us back in a friendly relationship. “I call you my friends because I’ve explained everything I am doing to you.” These are the words of Jesus.

He wanted a relationship of co-operation and friendship. He wanted to take fear out of the relationship. Don’t worry about the future; it’s all taken care of by God my Father. The one called Lord never lorded it over anyone. He only accepted followers as willing associates with him in his work. Then he calls them friends. He expected them to continue his good work.

There is another aspect of friendship. I didn’t make this up. Your friends may die before you do. This is sad, I know. But you will see them again as they are. If fact, when you die, they will be saying to God, “Oh, we must have this person here with us.” They mean you. If they are friends with God, they speak up on your behalf. Now you also need to be a friend of Jesus, sure, but imagine their happiness and yours when you meet again.

Friendships need never end. They can go on forever.

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One thought on “Friends Forever

  1. I was thinking about this this morning. In heaven we will also see those we have strained relationships with- and we will see them eternally. This is why it is so important that we repair all our relationships now. I don’t know how it works in heaven, but relationships can be made whole now – so we should make that a priority.


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