“Is that cool?”

“It’s cool with me.”

“Well, stay cool, man.”

“That’s not cool.”

“You’re right. I lost my cool.”

Can you define ‘cool’? Maybe it means acceptable behavior but with a sense of being modern or up-to-date. You use the most recent expressions. You are not old-school. Your hairstyle, your clothes and your sensibilities are all very current.

And you have to keep up. Things may change and you need to keep cool. It’s like fashion. It changes.

“That is so last year!”

You need to know what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’. You need to know what is ‘hot’.

“Here’s what’s hot right now.”

Have you got it? Get it.

Who makes the rules on what is cool? And how do you stay informed?

Do you know that the crowd is usually wrong? What is cool is nearly always just an opinion. It is how you signal others that you are ready to change and conform to the most current opinions of what is good.

We all have a sense of good and evil, right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable. Being cool uses that to a greater degree. It makes this right and that wrong by a new exacting method.

But isn’t there a more solid place where you don’t have to change all the time? There is. It is a place beyond good and evil. It is well past cool and not cool.

What about life and death? I mean this in terms of how we are living. Our condition from birth is a disconnect from God. We are left with the ability to tell good from evil. But there is another way to live and that is Life. The very definition of Life is Jesus. He said, “I am The Life.”

He was saying ‘live like me’ if you want the best way to live. What? Yes, Jesus demonstrated the best human living and offers it to you and me. Now we might dismiss a man who says he is ‘The Life’ as crazy except that he made wrong things right. He restored eyes, arms, legs to working order and cured people even of leprosy. These were his credentials.

But he offered eternal life to everyone. He lived in close relationship to God and he called him Father. If we live like Jesus did, we will live forever. This is more that imitation but to embrace him as our method of living.


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