The Hidden Manna

In Revelations 2, Jesus, yes, Jesus says than we will be given some of the hidden manna. The reference is to a bowl of manna inside the Ark of the Covenant. There were other items there as well. The question I have is how is it hidden?

This food was given by God. It was given when there was no other food to be found. And it was given faithfully every day by God until other food was available.

How then would we eat the hidden manna? Many things point to other things. That does not take away from what the thing itself is but opens our minds to think larger thoughts. When Jesus was asked if he wanted some food the disciples had obtained, he said, “I have food you don’t know about.” What did he mean? As we read the story, we see he was talking to a woman who responded excitedly to what he said. Jesus found it very satisfying. Was it because of the result? Sure, he shared the excitement of the woman. But his food was to do the will of him who sent him. Jesus found doing the will of his Father to be very satisfying even if the results were not what he liked.

Now, are we interested in eating the hidden manna? Eating the hidden manna is doing the will of God. And how is it hidden? It is hidden to those who desire other food and will be satisfied with that.

Are you satisfied with your career? Fine. Are you satisfied with your knowledge? Again, that is fine. But you won’t discover the hidden manna because you are full already.

That hidden manna sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out sometime. But only when you are dissatisfied with your present food will you desire a different type.

What do you think the will of God is for you? Maybe you don’t know but are pretty sure you won’t like it. It’s easy to think that. People tell us of a strict God who will have perfection only. But let’s look back at the story. Jesus spoke to a woman. But what a woman. She was obviously a Samaritan woman. Common wisdom said best stay away from Samaritans. And since when was it proper to talk to strange women? Jesus had to step past local social boundaries to do this.

So, we find doing the will of God may involve getting out of ‘your comfort zone’. But many of us have such small comfort zones. But someone could get the wrong idea! But Jesus has the right idea and he leads this woman with a bad history to hope for a new life.

Are you dissatisfied with what you were told would satisfy your heart. Success, money, power? We must reject these things to be given the hidden manna. We must call them foodstuffs unable to feed our souls. Then we can reach out for the hidden manna.

If we do this, we will find real food to satisfy our appetite for life.

Think again of those in the desert so long ago. They saw nothing to eat around them. Then God could give them this wonderful food they called manna. As long as they desired something else, they would be unhappy. But when they ate the manna, they found it satisfied them.

Finding the Hidden Manna


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