Tower of Babel

When I was little, I was told a bible story. The Tower of Babel was built to reach heaven. The people thought they could reach heaven by building a tower very high.

I read this story as an adult and found that their real reason had nothing to do with heaven. Nothing at all. The people were not even interested in heaven.

The enormous tower was a celebration of themselves. They built this tower to focus the people on their goal to have a central point. A city would surround the tower. A great city. This tower would show that this group was going to do great things.

They said, “We will make a name for ourselves!” Look there. We built that tower. It shows our power. We are the greatest people on this planet. Stay with us and feel our greatness.

God wants to stop the project. Because he doesn’t want any towers coming up to heaven? No. He doesn’t want the people to stay together but rather to spread out on the earth.

God does something only God could do. He changes their one language into many unlike languages. He rewires their brains to a new vocabulary, new grammar, new structure of thought. This forces them to divide into groups by language for convenience. It would be too hard to overcome these language differences.

The people leave off the tower. Construction stops. They disassociate from each other and eventually move apart to various areas of the world. They become the beginning of nations.

Now the story has meaning. And many people want to be part of a big thing even now. They join groups to increase their power. Countries train armies. They make weapons and conquer others. They form alliances. They make big groups of people who speak different languages. They still want to make a world governed by a small group with great power.

The story has meaning for today. The language thing worked. It prevented people from organizing into a one world order. But look! They are doing just that right now. They are overcoming the language problem with translators that work in real time.

Not long ago, it was hard to translate a book and really get all the meaning to come through. Now you can translate something written two minutes ago in a country many miles away into your language with a push of a button. You read it and can respond in your language, and they can translate it to theirs.

Do you want to be part of something big? Something that will endure. There is an organization that will last forever. It’s called The Kingdom of God. The king is known. He is Jesus. Right now, he is filling up the list of those who will be in that kingdom forever. But we have to be changed to fit into this kingdom. He can do that. If you are happy the way you are, forget it. If you want to become better, ask him to open your eyes to his kingdom.


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