Knowing God

How can we know God? We may believe that if we do, we will have peace and joy in our lives. So, we want to pursue him. We can learn about God, about his nature from his Son, Jesus. But we are in a quandary. God dwells in the human heart after two modes namely, by knowledge and by love. Everyone who knows Him loves Him, but nobody can love Him without knowing Him.

Someone who wants to find out about another person’s character and inner thoughts gets on friendly terms with them and is often in their company. They find out who are their friends. And if they see this person as worthy of their love, they can open their heart to love them.

Let us find out where God is and question his friends concerning him. He is faithful, if it is not in him to deceive people. If he freely pardons those who sin, then he is kind. If he shows pity to persons in trouble, then he is merciful. And he is lowly, if he rules his people not by oppressing but by helping them. If he is faithful, then he merits praise. If he is kind, if he is merciful, if he is humble, then he deserves our love.

It is difficult to have faith in God because do not see this kind of love in our daily lives. We see love that trades this for that to get something. We see love for family, but we are not in that family. We see love for others, but it is limited to those like-minded. We see love that has its limits. We do not see love that is unlimited. And God is invisible. We can’t see him.

Our method is faith. Do you say that you have no faith? Of course, you do. If you sit on a chair, you have faith. If you get into a elevator, you have faith. You and I have faith about many things, every day. You say, I have faith in the chair because I saw someone sit on it. I have faith in the elevator because I saw someone get out of it.

Okay, find someone that has faith in God. Ask them why they do. They should have an answer. If they don’t, find someone else. Ask them how God treats them. We can even learn from those who have a grudge against God. Does God deserve their hate? See if you agree that their hate for God is deserved. Some are mad at God. They say he doesn’t care because he won’t fix the world. Have we thought what that would mean: the end of free will.

There is a reason to forget God. If you want to exercise that free will and do what you want. And God will let you. You always get a choice. You don’t get God if you don’t choose him. But remember this: he is all good and wants to bless you. And he always has.

Draw close to God and he will draw close to you. He will not impose. It says, he stands at your door and knocks. Do you hear that knocking? If you answer the door, he will come in. And if you ask him to stay, he will do that, as well.

Now, therefore, enter your own inmost heart, and make a dwelling-place for God. Make Him a temple, make Him a house, make Him a pavilion. Make Him an ark of the covenant, make Him an ark of the flood; no matter what you call it, it is all one house of God. In the temple let the creature adore the Creator, in the house let the son revere the Father, in the pavilion let the knight adore the King. Under the covenant, let the disciple listen to the Teacher. In the flood, let him that is shipwrecked beseech Him who guides the helm.

Hugh of St Victor


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