Be Fruitful

Be fruitful. Just two words.

This is a state, yes, a state of being.  It is not yet action but a readiness to act.  It is a purposing to act.  It does not say act fruitful or create fruit.  Nor does it say making fruit is your duty.  No.  None of these.  The state of being brings the right result.


Why did Christ curse the fig tree?  He looked for fruit and found none.  To look like a fruit tree without producing any fruit:  this drew a curse from the one who came to bless not to curse.


So, we return to the first part.  Be.  A seed was planted.  A certain kind of seed which came from another fruitful tree.  Like will produce like.  What type of seed?  What characteristics?  The type of seed is the gospel:  God’s words that can take root in anyone and produce fruit.


Now some fruit is eaten and some becomes the beginning of the next tree, a tree like the original.  But, wait!  He has used this example in another place.  He says, you do not have to be the tree, just a branch.  You don’t have to do the work of drawing water up from roots.  Only pass it on.  The work is done.  You don’t produce the nourishing liquid.  You don’t produce the roots.  You don’t hold up the tree to the sun.  None of this.


You become a branch that has one purpose:  to produce fruit.  The tree holds you up and nourishes you.  You are given everything needed.  It has all been placed at hand for you.  Just take hold of the tree and live.  By living and being what you are, in Christ, you will produce fruit.  You will be a source of blessing to people.  You will manifest the nature of God.

If not, be restored and become the ready one.

And be fruitful.



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