How Could Life Himself Die?

People were not intended to die but to live on and on. They had the Tree of Life always near. The first two listened to another voice. That was bad. God wants greatness for people but only through free cooperation with him. But God had a Plan B.

The Plan B came down to redemption brought by another man. This man would be fully tested and always choose the right choice. After he revealed himself to a few men, he was killed.

But how? He was the liveliest of all men. Men wanted to kill him several times but were unable to do it. He did not want to die. But he decided to let men kill him. This was part of Plan B. This was a good man, the best man ever. He agonized over this decision.

He became resolved to allow evil men to do whatever they wanted to him. The light of the world would now step into darkness. The Prince of Life would allow men to kill him. He called it a cup. A cup that he could never want to drink. But he did drink it.

People have given different reasons for his death. But consider this: this was when religious men got the government to kill someone they hated. The governor reluctantly agreed to give permission for this to happen.

This was an example, no, the example of men acting together to do their worst to a good man. A man that no one could even give one example of a selfish act ever done by him. This was evil against good.

We can now choose sides. Do we want to side with those who hate God? Or do we want to imitate the man who returned from death. His method of living was doing that best action called the Will of God. If we do join his side, he gifts us with his best gift. He can’t even explain it to his friends. He just says, “Wait for what is next.”

Somehow the Spirit of God can work with us to do stuff like Jesus. This is how we can prepare for what is next. We choose, as new hearted people, to do what God wants us to do. We embrace our new life when we walk as he walked. Doing what God wants you to do is best for everyone else in your life. But it is also best for you. You will become like someone who eats fruit from the Tree of Life.

Be Fruitful


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