All Agree – No Other Way

Is this headline hard to believe? One day all people will silently agree that there remains only one way for men to live well.

Evil is result of choosing wrong. Freedom in choosing is important because good must be a choice. The evil that comes from choosing wrong has a good purpose though. It is to horrify us as we see the fruit of choosing wrong. Yes, it is sadly true that people suffer a lot because of the choices of others. But one day suffering will cease and goodness will fill the earth.

All will see it. No one will be able to stand and say that another way would have worked. Why? Because all other plans will complete a history of failure at that time. A failure of men under every other plan.

First, there was innocence but with one choice to ruin it.  What about life with no rules? Living by conscience was allowed without even one rule to guide us. It failed very badly. So badly that the earth was purged with a flood.

But a new start with Noah and family was granted.

Man was given authority to judge other men. If a man did murder, it was men who would judge and punish. Violence against the weak would not be tolerated. This was codified into laws by men to make it plain. And laws were given by God to a group of people hand-picked by him. But under good laws, the men failed to become good.

God himself brought a example society to a certain land with great miracles. But this people with God as their leader wanted a man to be their king. The golden age of kings lasted maybe 100 years but the wisest king knew no matter what he did, his sons might ruin everything.

This happened. The times of this people were all recorded carefully. From this people, a man came to make all things right. He was a prophet and king. He also began it all. Centuries of preparation came to this: He was rejected by those who were to watch for his coming.

After this, the message of mercy went out to all men. This good news shook the world. But many men insist on living in God’s world and counting him an absentee landlord who can be ignored.

But men will solidify their rejection of Gods Man and choose another man to lead them. Then the earth will be judged for all the evil done by men. The great suffering of that time will be limited in duration.

After all the ways men tried living without God have failed, the man who was send by God will return and take his place as leader of all. All will know who he is and he will bring peace to the earth at last. Can it be that men will rebel once again? It will happen. Men will reject him again and side with his enemy who was incapacitated for that time. But this rebellion will be short lived.

All things will be changed and a new earth will replace the old. A new capital city will be placed on this new earth. Only those prepared will be allowed on this one. A new beginning that will have no possible failure. No evil will have any place in it.

It can become your hope. No one will be rejected who come to God through his Christ. No other plan will do. Only God’s plan will succeed after men have failed in every situation. That is why no one will have anything to say. All other ways will be known to have ended in failure. And only God’s way will be seen by all as able to make men good.


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