Do You See Correctly?

I am a fan of the Beatles. They came to America when I was 13. One thing the fans would talk about is a true history of the Beatles. They wanted to know it.

But when it finally came down to it, it could not be written. Each of the guys had different memories of the same event. Maybe two would agree but another would say it didn’t happen like that.

Let us consider a story. A man is walking down the street one night when it begins to rain. It increases in power with great wind and lightning flashing along with buckets of water coming down. He looks for shelter and chances to find an unlocked door. He enters the darkened place and shuts the door. He is happy to have found a refuge. He does not mind the dark and waits for the tempest to abate. Maybe an hour passes and he hears the storm stop. He exits the place and goes home.

The next day he is curious as to where he was during the storm. He retraces his steps and finds it was an art gallery full of beautiful paintings.

The man was surprised to find he was surrounded by wonderful art and was unaware of it. Because of his situation and the darkness, he perceived none of it. 

Consider this: you and I perceive the world and people around us
. But are we correct in our perception? I don’t mean physically. Our eyes see what is there. But do we understand what it means?

We see on our TV a tight shot of a crowd of people. But maybe there are only the 20 people we see and not a larger crowd at all.

What I am saying is our perception of life may be in error. How did it begin? How will it end? Is it true God began the world and humankind? If it is, that changes everything.

I once rode in an elevator up to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. What I saw was a few of us in a tiny room. There was no sound or feeling of movement. One minute after the doors closed, they reopened and we went out into a place very high in the air. My mind could not believe it. It was like some sort of magic. I even walked out onto a glass floor and looked down without fear. I could not believe it was a real experience.

We know there are things beyond our perception. Marie Currie and her husband worked with radioactive material. They felt no harm, yet they died rather young from the exposure.

Maybe God is beyond our immediate perception. But he still exists. I will finish with a story from the bible. Jacob, a patriarch of the Jews, was on the run after cheating his brother Esau. He fell asleep exhausted in the desert. He had a vision from God and saw angels ascending and descending between heaven and earth. He awoke and said, “The Lord is in this place and I didn’t know it.”

He spoke to God and told him to prove himself by caring for Jacob in all circumstances. God had already been doing that and continued to do so. Later, Jacob faced his brother, Esau, who did not kill him as Jacob feared.

As an old man, Jacob was brought to Egypt by his son, Joseph. Jacob thought Joseph was dead. Jacob even spoke with the pharoh. The last we see of Jacob, who is now Israel, he is leaning on his staff and worshipping the God who cared for him all his life.