Love Believes All Things

What do you believe? Someone tells you something and it sounds true. You believe it. But you find out it may be a lie.


So, we live in a world where some people are trustworthy and some are not. But let us go further. Some would deceive us for their own benefit. But a few want good for us. Friends and family that we can love and trust are few. And even they might be mistaken.


Now, we are wiser but do we believe all things? Not at all. We discover that only one is completely good, always trustworthy, and is very wise and also quite powerful. We believe in God. Is that enough? Do we now believe all things? No. Why not? Because love believes all things. Do we love?


Faith works through love. Do we love God? Why should we love him? Well, God is only motivated by love. He acts because he loves. He wants the best for us. His power and wisdom guide his acting in love toward us. He is the source of all love. And he made us to be able to love.


Love is the relationship with God. He knows no other relationship. And how do we know about God’s great love for us? Because of Jesus. He revealed the nature of the Father in his human life. He showed us that God loved us.

First, by loving people and doing good to them and then by walking directly into certain death for our benefit. God loved us so much, he sent his son to us knowing that he would be treated badly in his life and condemned to a torturous death by evil men in the end.


Why would he send the one he loved to the people of earth? Because he believed he would win some of them back. Yes, he would restore them and give them eternal life. He would enable them to become what he created them to be.


Now, let us return to our original statement: Love believes all things. This starts with God. God believes all things and is not deceived. He knew people would fail. He knew they would go against him when he created them. He knew they would do terrible things. Yet, he went ahead and created them. Why? Because he believed he could love them back to himself and rescue them by his love. Yes, we can return to our real Father.


Now, how do we have faith in God? We have faith because of our loving relation to him. We could believe God is powerful. And that he made everything. We could also believe we should respect him and honor him. We could do all this without loving him. And it would be meaningless.

Worse, we would probably find some rules to follow like religion tells us. Again, worthless. Without love for him and believing he loves us, it would all be a waste of time.


Love believes all things. Do some people want to hurt us? Yes. Do they want to take advantage of us? Sure. We can believe those things but love believes all things. Love believes God overrides all that. He is working things out for us beyond all that. He is working all things together for our good. We believe all things and are not deceived because we believe in our God who is our Father. He is a powerful caring father who has us in his hand at all times.

You are in his hand. You are not in his pocket. You are not on his shelf. You are not in his safe. You are in his hand. If you want to care for something, protect it and not forget about it, you hold it in your hand. That is what God does with you. He holds you in his hand. He will never let go of you. And you don’t want to leave that hand because you love and trust him. You know of no better place to be than in the hand of your loving father.

Love Believes More

I Corinthians 13


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