Love Believes More

Love believes all things, yet is not deceived.


We have believed lies in the past. We have been lied to by people. How do we go forward? Should we hate liars? Or do we love the liar? Love your enemies. A liar is an enemy of truth.


God hates lying because he is Truth Itself. Yet, he loves the person who lies. He can rescue the liar and bring them to truth. He has mercy on the liar and loves them. We, too, can forgive those who lie and want good for them. Love believes people can be changed. Yes, they can join the truth. Why? Because love believes all things.


Love believes there are many lies in this world. The worst are lies about God. “God wants to judge you. God wants to condemn you.” These are two great lies.

He is full of mercy. He wants to give you eternal life. That is the truth. God wants to bless you. God wants to give you all good things. This is the truth. But all the good of God is wrapped up in his son, Jesus. This is also true. Truth is a person.


God counters the lies told and believed about him with Jesus. His son is his response. Doing good to people is how he answers wrongness in the world. Jesus was always doing good. He was not deceived about things because he believed all things.


He knew people had gone wrong. He knew some people wanted to kill him. Yet, he gave those very people opportunity to be changed into something so much better. He reasoned with them and tried to convince them of the truth.


His great act was to convince all people of how bad sin was and how good God was. Sin had brought men to a place where they condemned the one sent to rescue them. Others were indifferent to the terrible death of a good man. The badness of men met the goodness of God when the Christ was brutally killed by a torturous, humiliating method of execution.


Jesus knew how people had gone wrong. He knew how corrupted they had become. He knew sin and evil would destroy the very humanity of a person.

Then he put himself in the hands of those very people. He did not resist when his betrayal led to his arrest. He did not defend himself at his trial. When asked if he was the Christ, the sent one, he gave the truth knowing it would lead to his death.


He returned from that death. The first one to come back from death. He was different now. He said all power had been given to him. Wow! And what did he want to do with all power. Get revenge? Humiliate his enemies? No. None of that.

He wanted his disciples to spread this message to all people. That God was willing to forgive and forget their past wrong. That he was able to restore them to real humanity. That God wanted to reclaim them as his own children.


Love believes all things. Yet, it is not deceived. Are people selfish? Of course they are. Are they working toward their own corruption? Yes. Are their methods to improve themselves going to work? Not a chance.

He reaches out to each one, in mercy, to help them. But he wants to cure them not just make them feel better. He is the Great Doctor who prescribes Following Jesus as the method of cure. He is the example of a good person in a bad world. He is the very method of recovery. He is the Savior. And he shows us what God is really like: Our Good and Loving Father.


Love believes all things, yet is not deceived.

I Corinthians 13


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